Chiropractor That Does Home Visits

Chiropractor that does Home Visits: Remedy on Wheels

Are you experiencing pain when moving your arms after doing some stretching exercises? Or are you feeling numbness or a tingling sensation on your back but can’t go to a chiropractor’s office? Don’t fret and feel helpless if you’re not able to leave the house and get some remedy. There are now chiropractors that does home visits and make wonders on your aching joints or muscles.

These chiropractors are ready to help you whenever you are having problems in your joints. They can also aid in correcting the irregular symptoms that cause you pain. And when transportation is limited, let the chiropractors that does home visits go to you. Give them a call as these conditions may worsen if you don’t do something about it. It is important that you heed the call of your body especially when pain is involved.
Another good thing about chiropractors that does home visits is the convenience. For people who cannot go to the chiropractor’s offices to have their muscle or joint pain examined, an alternative is the house calls. Regardless of the availability of a health insurance, chiropractors that does home visits are more than happy to assess the cause of the joint dysfunction and apply immediate relief; after, of course a thorough examination is done.

As these chiropractors that does home visits tend to your problem areas, they not only use their hands to treat the affected joint, they also check if further treatment is needed to counter worsening of the pain. Also, chiropractors that does home visits also instruct the patient what to do to prevent occurrence of such conditions. If a treatment cannot be accommodated at the patient’s home, then the chiropractors that does home visits inform the patient that they need to make an appointment and go to their office for further analysis. With this set-up, remedy is definitely within reach.

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Dr. Mike and Dr. Jake travel between Mpls and Andover clinics and do Home visits throughout the day. Please call Dr. Mike's cell 612-810-5151 if you need to schedule an after hour visit or if you're unable to reach the office during office hours.