Good place good people.

Bashir A. | April 2019

Dr. Jake knows his stuff! Highly recommend. I have been to a couple others prior to him without success but he nails it!

Cindy L. | January 2019

City Chiropractic has been my “go to” chiropractor since my first visit with neck issues 5 years ago after a car accident. I recovered with intense Chiro for 2-3 times for a month or two. Highly recommend the “back technique” used here!

Jodee M. | March 2018

Dr. Mike & Dr. Jake listen to their patients and help with their individual needs. I always feel great after an adjustment there.

Maureen H. | November 2017

I was involved in a car crash and needed a chiropractor. I found city chiropractic online and went in to get checked out and readjusted. Dr. Jake was very helpful from day one. He got took x-rays of my back and spine to see exactly what needed to be adjusted and to know how he would get it done. The next time going in he showed me the x-rays and explained what was wrong and what his plan for treatment was. He spends about a half hour each visit adjust you and making sure that you get fully corrected. He is also very good with working with insurance companies as well as you in making sure you get the treatment you need to get back to pre accident status. I would recommend city chiropractic to everyone. They also have a massage therapist in staff who is very good. Her name is Leigh and she knows exactly what to do and how to work with the chiropractic care you are getting to help you get back on track faster. She is very friendly, as well as great at what she does. And I would recommend her to everyone as well!

Dan O. | October 2016

City Chiropractic has been a fantastic place to get chiropractic adjustments. My experience has been with Dr. Jake Bohnen and he has provided wonderful individual care for both myself and my wife.

Matthew G. | October 2016

If you want a chiropractor who truly cares about his patients and will get you back to feeling better, then this is the place for you. I have had neck and shoulder issues and Dr. Jake has treated me with great results. Definitely would recommend City Chiropractic for all your chiropractic needs!

Missy B. | October 2016

City Chiropractic is amazing, they are so friendly and really care about each clients needs. I also love how easy it is to schedule an appointment. If I’m not feeling great, I can give them a call and usually I am able to get in the same day for an adjustment.

Hannah K. | October 2016

City Chiropractic is the best! The staff is friendly and helpful throughout my experience there. Dr. Jake explained everything as he perform treatment which really helped since it was my first visit to a chiropractor. The staff was very informative about how to care for my back on my own so I left learning so much. If you want a friendly staff and without such hassle and wait, this is the place!

Chue X. | December 2015

City Chiropractic is great. They care about their patients. They provide great care. They strive to help you get better. As an injury attorney who has worked with many chiropractors, I am very comfortable stating that Drs. Mike and Jake are two of the best around. If you are hurt and need chiropractic treatment, seek them out. They will give you their all!

Tom B. | November 2015

Dr. Mike is very nice and good at his job.

Max P. | February 2015

I expericened very kind and quick service without an appointment. I like the small size of the office very personable.

Scott F. | September 2015

Great customer service! Was able to fit me into the busy schedule I have. Thank you!

Charlie R. | April 2015

I was very satisfied with my treatment at the clinic by Dr. Jake. I will be referring over more friends and family.

David W. | April 2015

First time at a chiropractor and Dr. Jake has been very helpful with information and help. It is very appreciated. Thanks for being so flexible with scheduling.

Josalyn T. | March 2015

I went from 10 to 0 on pain scale after visiting with Dr. Jake. I did not realize that my back could feel this good. Great work and service.

Jacob M. | March 2015

I have been going here for 8 years and never had a problem. City Chiropractic does such a great job taking care of their patients.

Tonya J. | March 2015

Dr. Mike, Dr. Jake and their staff are not only courteous but extremely accomodating with getting patients in almost any day of the week. However, what sets City Chiropractic apart from other chiropractors is the level of care provided. They are most adroit at individual assessment and specialized treatment. With the Cox table technique and taking the time needed for each patient is what City Chiropractic excells in.

Eric K. | March 2015

Great Drs I came in with low back pain. I swear they cured in 3 days no other Chiropractic office can do that.

Theodore B. | February 2015

Fanstastic, I recomnend City Chiropactic for anyone.

Davonta N. | February 2015

City Chiro is great! Very clean facilities as well as unbelievably welcoming staff. We will always recommend to city chiro.

Kennedy K. | February 2015

Out of all the Chiropractors I’ve had, Dr. Mike is by far the best! He is truly concerned about your health, and road to recovery with you every step of the way.

Keisey K. | February 2015

I’ve tried other Chiropractors but Dr. Mike and Dr. Jake are the best. They do all the adjustment in a controlled manner and I always feel better after a session with them. Two thumbs up!

Chad K. | October 2014

If you want the best get the best jack and mike At City Chiropractic across the city from café.

Neil M. | October 2014

Very good company and hard workers. I had a great experience

Joe W. | October 2014

I loved all beds the water and roller plus very very good Doctors.

Jermaine C. | October 2014

I thought it was a phenomenal experience. They were friendly helpful and very professional it is clear and the treatment was very helpful defiantly will recommend to all my friends.

Michael N. | September 2014

I would not be walking or living a pain free life if not for City Chiropractic! Thank you so much!

Cheryl W. | June 2014

Everything at this office was very professional and pleasant. They took care of business swift and a job well done. Good job Dr. Jake and Dr. Mike!

Todd C. | June 2014

This is a very nice clinic. I love their same day appointments! I will definitely come back!

Brandon M. | April 2014

Wow, this clinic treated me like a King. City Chiropractic is a very clean and friendly clinic. They also have very nice DOT cards. I will definitely recommend this clinic to all of my friends.

Renie P. | April 2014

As an AK amputee I searched for years to receive a proper low back adjustment. Dr. Mike is the 1st Chiropractor to accomplish this. Dr. Jake has proven to be the same and also adjusts my neck the best I have ever experienced.

Paul R. | April 2014

Dr. Jake and Dr. Mike makes me feel safe, comfortable and nurtured! It is worth going out of my way to visit City Chiropractic. Thank you for helping me manage my pain!

Beverly G. | April 2014

Dr. Mike is fantastic. Whenever my neck or back flairs up, it gets put back in place in only 1 or 2 visits. He is always willing to fit me into the schedule.

Nathan F. | March 2014

City Chiropractic has done an incredible job helping me deal with numerous different ailments from ankle sprain to neck pain. I won’t go to different chiropractor again.

Cory L. | March 2014

City Chiropractic does very good work. Dr. Mike and Dr. Jake has helped me a lot.

Brigitte B. | October 2013

City Chiropractic, Dr. Mike has been a huge help to me in addressing my chronic pain and multiple health needs. His hands on care and compassion helped answer health questions that multiple other practitioner have missed for years. Really happy I’ve found their offices. City Chiropractic is also will respected by many other professionals in this area, including my neurologist which was a great reassurance to me.

Rhonda P. | September 2013

Without City Chiropractic I would not be able to walk at times. Dr. Mike and Dr. Jake are the best, I swore by this place!

Paul M. | June 2013

Dr. Mike, Dr. Jake and Mai are amazing!! They are there both physically and emotionally. They are all very personable and patient. My fiancé and I were in a car accident and both of us were in severe pain, they took us in 3 years ago and are still taking GREAT care of us.

Kema C. | June 2013

Great customer service, friendly atmosphere and flexible with appointment times.

Carol P. | May 2013

My experience at City Chiropractic has always been professionally helpful and positive. I would recommend all truckers that I know to go there for their DOT health card needs.

Clint P. | January 2013

These guys are amazing. After my car accident, I thought I would never be able to fully turn my neck again but Dr. Mike had helped me with just two sessions. I will be back!

Sam B. | January 2013

Dr. Mike and Dr. Jake are great. They take their time and listens to your concerns. In the clinic, they have a water massage table that is heated and vibrates. They also have a tens unit to target specific areas. Dr. Mike and Dr. Jake then adjust you using the Cox Technique and was even able to use an activator on my heel spurs and TMJ. Give it a try and you’ll be coming back often. This is a very awesome clinic.

Tammie H. | December 2012

City Chiropractic is a clean facility with two qualified and caring doctors, Dr. Mike and Dr. Jake. I recommend City Chiropractic for any chiropractic or physical exam needs. They have two convenient locations; Andover and NE Minneapolis, to make it convenient if you live in or outside the Twin Cities area.

LeeAnn C. | February 2013

I’ve been coming to City Chiropractic for a few months now following an auto accident. Dr. Jake and Dr. Mike Rock!!

Paul K. | November 2012

Great service. Fast DOT Card. I walked in and out
in 30 minutes. WOW!

Mark J. | December 2012

It is seldom you find a health practitioner who is of the professional caliber that Dr. Mike is. He provides exceptional chiropractic services along with a truly caring personality. His staff is excellent as well. I recommend the City Chiropractic practice wholeheartedly.

Dave H. | November 2012

Dr. Mike came to us for a chiropractic adjustment. He was thorough and gave a great adjustment. He had a lot of additional techniques that not many chiropractors do. It made all the difference in the result of the adjustment. I highly recommend City Chiropractic for all of your chiropractic care.

Jennifer and Stephen E. | October 2012

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