Affordable  Decompression (DDM)

Affordable Decomression (DDM) is a conservative treatment that can effectively treat complicated back conditions.

Cox Technic

Increases disc height, drops pressure in disc, increases intervertebral foramen and restores motion in vertebral joints.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

We are a collection site for pre-employment, suspicion (just cause), post-accident and random urine drug and alcohol testing.

DOT Physicals

The $65 FMCSA DOT physical exam certifies that a driver does not have any physical, mental or organic conditions that might affect his or her ability to safely.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy research has shown that effects include: improve healing time, pain reduction, circulation and decrease swelling.

Double Decompression

DDM is a specialized technique to help with disc herniation, disc bulge, degenerative disc disease and sciatica.


City Chiropractic is two chiropractors located in NE Minneapolis and Andover that provide personalized chiropractic care for injured patients at the office or at the patients’ home or work. Most of our patients suffer from acute or chronic pain in the neck, back, arms or legs. We specialize in many chiropractic techniques and use them ALL to improve mobility and decrease pain!


City Chiropractic offers more services than most chiropractic clinics. From same day DOT physical exams to quality chiropractic adjustments we provide professional and unique care for our patients and clients. Chiropractic care involves a detailed exam to identify the problem and, of course, treatment to get you back to feeling better quickly. We also perform DOT Physicals and serve as a collection site for Drug and Alcohol testing.