Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents come in many different forms. Some have very severe damage and some have very minimal damage. Sometimes symptoms are noticed immediately after a collision and require immediate medical attention. Sometimes it can take a few days or even weeks to notice symptoms associated with the accident. Even if you are in a minor collision with limited damage to your vehicle, you can qualify for medical coverage under your auto insurance. We have been treating auto accident victims for the last 3 decades. As a chiropractor we have testified in court proceedings many times on our patients’ behalf. We consider ourselves very experienced in treating auto accident victims.

Minnesota is a no-fault State. What this means to you is there is medical coverage available whether you were at fault during the accident or not. I offer a free consultation on your injuries to see if treatment is necessary. If treatment is necessary, a complete medical history, detailed exam, and if needed some X-rays will be performed.

The purpose of a chiropractic assessment is to categorize your condition so that I can formulate an appropriate chiropractic care plan. The care plan usually consists of chiropractic adjustments (Cox, Diversified, and Activator Techniques), electrical muscle stimulation, heat, trigger point therapy, mechanical traction, cold laser therapy, stretching techniques and spinalator (inter-segmental traction). Included with the care plan may also be massage and physical therapy.

At your convenience, we also offer complete care in your home or at work. We know that after an auto accident it is very tough to make it to appointments and realize that often times people have a car that is unavailable for transportation! THIS IS WHY WE COME TO YOU!

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