Commercial Drivers-License DOT Physicals

What You Need To Know About Commercial Drivers License DOT Physicals

It is a state requirement that all commercial drivers should have a valid physical examination certificate at all times. This implies that when a Department of Transportation (DOT) office requests to check your Commercial Drivers License, you will need to provide them with your medical certificate. Commercial Drivers License DOT Physicals help to determine whether drivers have any mental or physical problem that would hinder them from driving their automobiles safely. That is normally in addition to the general road tests and driving skills that are required to evaluate your familiarity with the formalities involved in operating a commercial vehicle. Those who pass the Commercial Drivers License DOT Physicals exam are issued with a DOT medical examiners certificate that one is required to produce on request.

Why Is It Important?

The DOT, the federal department that regulates interstate trade, requires the guarantee that all drivers operating commercial automobiles are healthy enough to manage the intricacies of interstate driving. They are looking to facilitate public safety, as any unfit truck driver would certainly pose a significant threat to the wellbeing of the general public. For that reason, it is necessary for all truck drivers to undergo a series of Commercial Drivers License DOT Physicals, and retain a proper medical certificate. Usually, the physical test is valid for two years. Those with chronic complications and other severe medical problems might have to be assessed more frequently than that.

What to Expect

The details of any physical test are made up of a hearing and vision test, along with a blood pressure assessment. In addition, The CDL test also evaluates your health record. Each health care provider keeps their own record once the details are taken care of. While The Commercial Drivers License DOT Physicals exam is not accelerated, it is mostly quick, easy and trouble-free. Just be sure to listen to the simple directions and you will complete the right certification within a short period of time.

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