Lumbar Herniated Disc

Lumbar Herniated Disc & Effective Non-Surgical Treatment

A lumbar herniated disc is a medical condition that affects one of the rubbery cushions (discs) in between the individual bones (vertebrae), in the lumbar region, of the spinal cord. It also called a ruptured disc or slipped disc. A herniated disc can cause pain, weakness or numbness in the arms or legs. Since this pain can be very severe, it is important for people who experience the symptoms of this condition to quickly seek an effective treatment.

The goal of any lumbar herniated disc treatment is to relieve the patient of pain and speed up a return to normal activities. The kind of treatment chosen for a patient depends on the individual needs and the severity of the symptoms. Here is a brief description of effective non-surgical treatment for this ailment.

Chiropractic Treatment and Exercise

If the pain persists for about 2 or more weeks, the use of chiropractic manipulation along with physical therapy can be administered. This mode of treatment will reduce the pain experienced and quicken the pace of healing. There are two major types of chiropractic manipulation used to treat lumbar herniated disc:

Chiropractic Adjustment: This involves high-velocity, lever arm thrust applied to the affected vertebra with the aim of improving its functionality. It also helps to decrease irritation of the nerves and restore the normal motion of the back. Studies have shown that this kind of chiropractic manipulation is an effective method of treating herniated disc. In fact, this treatment is usually recommended for the early care of this ailment.

Chiropractic Mobilization: The second type of manipulation refers to the low velocity movement and stretching of joints and muscles so that the range of motion can be enhanced within the affected areas.

For faster relief from the symptoms of lumbar herniated disc, the patient will also be educated and trained on how to move the arms and legs correctly. The patient will be required to do various exercises to keep the spine in neutral positions during normal daily activities.

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