How we started – Since 1999, after treating patients injured in auto accidents, Dr. Johnson noticed that patients had trouble making appointments due to lost transportation and/or very acute pain. It occurred to me that I should bring my clinic to them. After I started doing this, the patients appreciated being treated in the comfort of their home, office or hotel. I continued along this path and have been doing home care ever since. This is how my home care practice got started.

What we offer – Home care has become an integral part of my entire chiropractic practice. The uniqueness in my service stems from the ability to treat patients with any geographic or physical limitations/restrictions. Homecare has proven to be very beneficial for individuals that have demanding schedules, no transportation or just prefer more of a one-on-one personalized experience. Our services include chiropractic adjusting with modalities such as cold laser, moist heat, TENS, mechanical massage, stretching and trigger point therapy. We also offer massage in your home by a Certified Massage Therapist.

Flexible schedule – Appointments are available by appointment only including early mornings and late evenings. All services are provided one-on-one with Dr. Mike or Dr. Jake

  • Certain criteria must be met to receive home visits.
  • House calls provide a true level of personalized care that you just can’t get in an office setting.

Our Info

Andover Clinic

15190 Bluebird St NW #108
Andover MN 55304

Office Hours:
M-F 9am-6pm
Sat: 8:30-9:30am or by appointment

Mpls Clinic

1931 University Ave NE Minneapolis, MN 55418

Office hours:
M,T,TH 10am-6pm
W 10am-3pm
F 10am-5pm
Sat: by appointment

Dr. Mike and Dr. Jake travel between Mpls and Andover clinics and do Home visits throughout the day. Please call Dr. Mike's cell 612-810-5151 if you need to schedule an after hour visit or if you're unable to reach the office during office hours.