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Chiro Thin- $400/6 weeks Doctor Supervised Program that includes: dropper bottle, diet plan, and recipe book. Save $ buying less food, healthier food and food you like to eat at your own grocery store!!


Wt. watchers $40/mo +buy their exp food
Slimgenics $200 + buy their exp food
Jenny Craig $600/month
Nutrisate $325/month
E-Diet $550/month

Lose Weight Fast!!!

Doctor Supervised www.chirothin.com
Just Drops Away!
Fast, long term weight loss is just drops away.
Many Patients Lose 20-35 lbs In 6 Weeks Without Shakes, No Pre-Packaged Food, or Exercise!!

ChiroThin Program

Get your life back in 42 days. This new doctor supervised weight loss program helps you lose weight fast without the hassle and cost of prepackaged food, shakes, bars or drugs. the best part is you do not have to exercise. Losing weight is drops away!

The Three Phases: Loading, Losing, and Maintaining

This is a long term weight loss program. The three phases of the diet helps to prevent packing on extra weight after the initial loss. You continue to enjoy the foods that you like to eat after the diet while keeping your body healthy. Each cycle of the ChiroThin diet resets your body’s metabolism and weight so you are able to keep cutting away the pounds.


7 drops 3x/day Days 1 and 2 During this phase you eat as many calories as possible (5000 cals). You eat whatever you want by grazing all day long. This is the fun phase! The loading phase carries you through the ChiroThin program by boosting your metabolism.


5 drops 3x/day Days 3-42 During the losing phase, you eat within the ChiroThin Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) guidelines. You are limited to 500 calories per day between two meals. You buy your own food at the grocery store. You are encouraged to NOT exercise.


No food! You can drink coffee, tea, and water but no calories.


4 oz of lean meat 4 oz of fresh veggies 4 oz of fresh fruit


4 oz of lean meat 4 oz of fresh veggies 4 oz of fresh fruit 1 piece of Melba toast


No drops After Day 42 This phase makes the weight loss long term. Your new eating habits and boosted metabolism makes it easy to continue a healthy lifestyle. During this phase, you reintroduce exercise. Daily calorie intakes recommendations are 1100 to 1400 for women and 1500 to 1800 for men.


The tasteless drops are taken under the tongue throughout the diet. After day 39, you stop taking the drops. The drops burn the body’s fat reserves, remove toxins, decrease hunger cravings, provide blood sugar stabilization, boost metabolism, and provide energy. The ingredients are all natural. The drops prevent the slowing of your body’s metabolism as you are on the VLCD.


During the loading and losing phase, no or light exercise is recomended due to the VLCD. There is simply not enough calories to support aggressive exercise.

Healthy Weight

We determine your healthy weight by looking at your Basal Metabolic Index (BMI) and your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). The BMI is your ideal weight and BMR is your specific minimal daily caloric requirement. These are very important to maintain a healthy weight.

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